Webinar: Can Responsible Behaviour in Cyberspace Be Achieved?

Despite a number of efforts and some progress in the United Nations and other forums, there are still disagreements on key issues between major powers on how to achieve responsible behaviour in cyberspace.

Members event, Webinar
26 May 2020 — 5:00PM TO 6:00PM

Over the past couple of decades, cyberspace has evolved to become a truly global digital communication space. Managed by a multitude of state and non-state actors, it has enabled a huge range of positive innovations and developments. However, it has also become an arena of intense international competition and rivalry a reflection of its increasing economic and political importance and broader geopolitical tensions.

In light of this, the panel will explore how state and non-state actors can work together to encourage responsible behaviour in cyberspace.

  • What challenges do various actors face in implementing agreed upon norms and principles?

  • Is the existing global model for reaching an agreement a non-starter?

  • What are the remaining challenges around attribution, accountability and enforcement?

  • And what is the role for civil society, the private sector and NGOs in this debate?

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