Day one for the new UK government

Chatham House experts discuss how the new UK government can start to make an impact on global challenges.

Open event, Panel
9 July 2024 — 5:00PM TO 6:00PM

As the general elections moves into the rear-view mirror, attention will shift to the immediate priorities facing the new UK government. Whether addressing the UK’s role in an uncertain and evolving global economy, to questions around London’s commitment to international law or the ongoing struggle against climate change, the next government will want to work quickly on implementing its foreign policy pledge.

The priority list is long, the new foreign secretary will have a hard time unpicking the most important challenges. Yet, with five years planned until the next election, work that begins the day after the election will also lay the groundwork for Britain’s approach to major world challenges over the coming years.

Key questions discussed by the panel include:

  • What actions should the next UK government do immediately on the world stage to signal its intentions for the next 5 years?
  • Can the UK still be considered a world leader in climate action? Will election pledges enable the UK to meet climate targets?
  • Is the UK’s position as a standard bearer for international law under threat?
  • What role should the UK adopt in a fracturing global economy?

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