What is to gain from peacemaking?

Experts explore the UK’s role in resolving violent conflict around the world.

Open event, Panel
9 July 2024 — 12:00PM TO 1:00PM
Chatham House and Online

Conflict zones are fertile ground for terrorist groups, arms smugglers and human traffickers. Less conflict doesn’t just serve those who live in conflict zones, it also delivers direct benefit to all nations who strive to live in peace. Since the end of the cold war, many civil wars have ended through negotiated settlements. In many of these conflicts, Britain and British citizens - often working through the UN and other peacemaking organisations - have played central roles in efforts to find a peaceful end to the violence. However, the current chaos, from Ukraine to Gaza, may lead us to question whether peace is still possible?

This event explores the prospects for nations, including the UK, to make a positive contribution to peacemaking when much of the world is at war. Panellist Chris Thornton recently published a paper called Progressive Realist Peacemaking. This panel will critically examine some of the questions it raises from different perspectives, and also address the following themes:

  • What do nations gain by prioritizing peacemaking? What sacrifices need to be made to do so?
  • What role does the UK have in peacemaking? Does it have the potential to achieve greater success in peacemaking around the world?
  • How could the UK play a greater role in peacemaking and what would this entail? Where does the UK have most to offer and most to gain from a more proactive approach?