Business in focus: Implications of the Russia-Ukraine war for global energy markets

In conversation with Spencer Dale, Chief Economist, bp.

Partner and major corporate event, Roundtable Invitation only
14 February 2023 — 8:00AM TO 9:15AM
Chatham House

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine radically shifted the global energy picture in 2022. Supply, demand and transport of energy has been tested in unexpected ways. This conversation examines those changes and what we can expect for global energy markets in 2023. Spencer Dale, chief economist at bp shares his insights on this and how the continuation of the war could affect the structure of global energy supply and demand.

Questions to be considered at this event include:

  • How might the increased concerns about energy security affect the energy transition?

  • What implications do the recent energy shortages have for the move away from hydrocarbons?

  • How might the role and design of future government policies be affected?