Angola Forum 2018: 30th Anniversary of the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale

This event brings together veterans and experts to contribute towards developing a deeper understanding of the battle.

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23 March 2018 — 10:00AM TO 2:30PM
Chatham House, London

Reflections on Southern Africa’s Turning Point

23 March 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of the final assault of what became known as the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale.

The confrontation between the Angolan army, supported by Cuba and the Soviet Union, and the armed opposition UNITA, supported by the South African Defence Force, is the largest land battle to have taken place in Africa since World War Two.

The battle was a watershed in Angolan and southern African history, but its significance continues to be contested. Today, although the battlefield has a monument and museum, it remains one of the most landmine-contaminated parts of Angola and this hinders development plans for international tourism.

Discussions will focus on the significance of the wider events around the battle, its regional implications, as well as the legacy of the battlefield.

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