Beyond borders: A trade and food system fit for the future

How can we harness innovative trade policies for a sustainable food system?

Research event
23 November 2023 — 8:30AM TO 1:30PM
Chatham House

The need for greener and more resilient supply chains has become the subject of international debate. In an attempt to prevent carbon leakage, the EU is putting in place a carbon border adjustment mechanism, while the UK government is considering mandatory product standards on chosen imported industrial goods. But trade and environmental policies must be aligned or UK trade could promote destructive practices and undermine environmental goals.

To tackle climate change, halt and reverse the decline of biodiversity and meet the needs of a growing population, innovative ideas for reforming trade are needed.

This half day conference aims to explore solutions, draw upon business experience, and showcase innovative practices for a sustainable food and trade system.

Participants will engage in interactive panels and breakout sessions to learn from industry best practices and discuss how to ensure trade benefits environmental protection and developing nations.

Discussions with cover:

•    How to make trade work for developing countries.

•    Setting standards for sustainable trade.

•    Using data and technology.

•    How the UK can pioneer a new trade policy.

This event is organized in partnership with, and with support from, WWF UK and Aldersgate Group.

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