Biodiversity in China: Conserving nature, securing the future

London Climate Action Week event: How can China and the world recalibrate humanity’s impact on nature?

Research event, Panel Recording
30 June 2021 — 4:00PM TO 5:15PM

London Climate Action Week: Biodiversity in China - conserving nature, securing the future

— How can China and the world recalibrate humanity’s impact on nature?

The COVID-19 crisis has reiterated the importance of biodiversity conservation by highlighting the linkages between biodiversity and human health.

Human activity has degraded ecosystems and ecological barriers which would normally limit disease transfer. As countries seek to build back better from the pandemic, biodiversity conservation and investment in nature-based solutions is essential.

In recent years China has increased its biodiversity conservation efforts, including an unprecedented system reform in 2018 which streamlined the administration of its 12,000 conservation areas under a unified protected area system.

China will also host the fifteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP 15) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in October 2021, which will set targets for the protection and sustainable use of global biodiversity over the next ten years.

Looking ahead to COP 15, speakers discuss ways in which China, and the world, can re-calibrate humanity’s impact on the natural world.

  • How is China addressing climate change through biodiversity conservation and what challenges does the country face in implementation?
  • How can China scale-up ambitions in global biodiversity protection and achieve consensus through its role as COP 15 host?
  • Why is investment in nature-based solutions important and what are the economic benefits of biodiversity?

This webinar is held in partnership with the Lau China Institute at King’s College London. The event is hosted by Chatham House as part of London Climate Action Week 2021.


Dr Li Guo, Research Associate, Lau China Institute, King’s College London; Lecturer, Department of Political Science, University of British Columbia

Catalina Santamaria, Special Adviser to the Executive Secretary, United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity

Dr Han Meng, Executive Director, WCMC Beijing

Ruth Davis, Advisor, Nature Campaign, COP 26 Unit, UK Government Cabinet Office

Chair: Dr Helen Harwatt, Senior Research Fellow, Energy, Environment and Resources Programme, Chatham House

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