Building Back Better: The Low Carbon Transition and the Role of the Financial Sector

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2 July 2020 — 8:30AM TO 10:00AM

This interactive webinar seeks to understand how the pandemic is interacting with the need for accelerated action on climate change and greater sustainability in key sectors such as aviation, fossil fuels, and insurance.

The global economic shock caused by COVID-19 will impact the campaign to accelerate climate action for decades. The shock will almost certainly make the public more sensitive to other ‘black swan’ events, with climate change underpinning many of the most threatening, while the crisis demonstrates that governments are willing to take extraordinary interventionist measures to mitigate life threatening crises.

Much media focus has been placed on the enormous short-term challenges - and future direction of travel - facing a number of major industrial and service sectors, some of which have high carbon footprints.

The event:

  • interrogates variations between – and the impact of – individual government responses to supporting particular industries;
  • examines how investment priorities might change as we recover from COVID-19 and move to a ‘new normal’;
  • examines what kind of change in industry priorities investors will need to adjust to (or want to promote) and what this might mean for future dividend policies
  • explores how businesses are future proofing against climate challenges and building more resilience and how should financiers and investors be engaging with corporates on these issues?

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Julian Critchlow, Director General of Energy Transformation and Clean Growth, UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
Dame Elizabeth Corley, Chair, Impact Investing Institute and Former CEO of Allianz Global Investors
Greg Guyett, Co-Chief Executive, Global Banking and Markets, HSBC
Giulia Chierchia, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Sustainability, BP
Patrick Horgan OBE, Director of Global Government Relations, Rolls-Royce
Creon Butler, Research Director, Trade, Investment & New Governance Models: Director, Global Economy and Finance Programme, Chatham House

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