Centering victims’ perspectives in the UN cybercrime convention

This panel explores the importance of a victim-centred perspective and how this may add value for negotiations.

Research event, Panel
11 January 2023 — 1:15PM TO 2:45PM
Melia Hotel, Donau-City Strasse 7, 1220 Vienna

In parallel to the UN Ad Hoc Committee’s fourth negotiating session on a future international convention on cybercrime (countering the use of information and communications technologies for criminal purposes), Chatham House will host a panel that brings together different stakeholders for a discussion on the cybercrime convention from the victims’ perspectives.

Victim protection is a central objective of any cybercrime legislation that is fit for purpose. However, in many countries, sufficient victim protections and safeguards are absent from any cybercrime measures and legislation. In some contexts, cybercrime laws and other measures are actually (ab)used to target and criminalize vulnerable groups, including victims.

As UN member states meet in Vienna to continue their negotiations on the future convention, this panel discussion will provide a platform for exploring the importance of a victim-centric perspective and how this may add value for the negotiations. During the panel, speakers will discuss how the cybercrime convention can learn from existing legislation and experiences in victim protection – and how to adopt a victim-centric approach that both reduces the scope for potential abuse and provides better protections, especially for vulnerable groups.

This event is organized as part of a project funded by Global Affairs Canada entitled ‘Toward an active civil society in global cybercrime efforts’. This event is in-person only.

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