In conversation with Jihad Azour

In this webinar, Jihad Azour (IMF) and Creon Butler discuss the key economic issues for the Middle East and North Africa for 2022 and what lies ahead on the path toward recovery.

Research event, Webinar
26 May 2022 — 2:00PM TO 3:00PM

The war in Ukraine is weighing on the economic outlook of countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). In its latest Regional Economic Outlook, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) projects the region’s growth rate to slow from 5.8 per cent in 2021 to 5 per cent in 2022, though this masks significant differences among country groups. While oil exporters are benefiting from increases in energy prices triggered by the war, importers are being hit hard by high commodity prices and tightening global financial conditions.

How will the war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia continue to affect the MENA region in the months ahead? How is the war impacting key challenges in the region, such as debt, inflation and unemployment? Which policies can help countries mitigate the impact of the war and pave the way for more inclusive, resilient and greener economic growth?

This webinar is organized by the Middle East and North Africa and Global Economy and Finance Programmes, in collaboration with the International Monetary Fund. The event will be held on the record and will be live-streamed on the MENA Programme’s Facebook page.

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