Democracy and Economic Inclusion in Mozambique: Understanding Prospects in the Context of the Past

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20 June 2018 — 10:00AM TO 5:00PM
Chatham House, London

Significant economic transformation seems to be within reach for Mozambique, as the promise of revenues from future liquefied natural gas production may bring new development opportunities, effective governance allowing. Yet economic growth that was achieved in the years after the end of Mozambique’s civil war was not inclusive and poverty reduction was not commensurate. While two thirds of the population are too young to remember the civil war, this history continues to influence political events and decision-making as the country’s democratic transition continues.

This conference will shed light on how the history of Mozambique’s politics and international relations influence decisions and outcomes today. It will examine how such legacies, including past and current relations with Central and Eastern Europe, inform efforts to address key policy priorities of bridging the geographical, partisan, and social divides in the country. The first half of the conference will examine the past, and the second half will be forward-looking, examining future political, economic and development prospects.

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