Due Diligence Regulations for Forest Risk Commodities: Implications for Cocoa Producer Livelihoods in Ghana

This roundtable considers the proposed Due Diligence regulations for companies dealing in Forest Risk Commodities (FRC) which would prohibit the import of products grown on illegally converted forestland into the UK. 

Research event Invitation only
2 December 2020 — 1:00PM TO 5:00PM

The regulations also require companies to trace products back to source in order to demonstrate due diligence. Similar regulations are being developed in the EU and under consideration in the USA. While the environmental objectives of these laws are clearly to protect forest ecosystems, its social implications could be complex, and negative consequences for smallholders may necessitate mitigation.

Our first session will examine the ‘demand side’ – trade data, supply chains and proposed regulations, and a second session will look more closely at the ‘supply side’ – land, producers and illegality risks. A more detailed agenda is attached.

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