Exploring environmental injustice in South Asia’s economic growth

Environment and Society discussion series.

Research event
7 March 2024 — 1:00PM TO 2:00PM

Why are polluting industries and waste materials concentrated in South Asia, and who bears the brunt of this environmental pollution? This panel will discuss how environmental racism and casteism are woven into the region’s growth story, disproportionately exposing racialized and minoritized communities to the harms of industrial development.

Panellists will discuss the role of environmental and safety regulations, the liberalization of finance and trade, and deep-rooted socio-cultural hierarchies in compromising the wellbeing of vulnerable populations and worsening environmental pollution.

Key questions include:

  • How do weak environmental regulations, structural disadvantages, and lack of political will in South Asia attract and enable polluting industries?
  • How do policies and practices in the ship-breaking, textiles, plastics and e-waste industries disproportionately expose racialized and minoritized communities to health hazards and worsen environmental pollution?
  • Is there an unavoidable trade-off between economic growth and environmental justice, or can innovative solutions bridge the gap?

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