Gender and inclusion in international security

This special International Women’s Day discussion will explore the challenges of gender and inclusion mainstreaming in international security.

Research event
8 March 2022 — 3:00PM TO 4:15PM

In international security research and policy settings, gender and inclusion mainstreaming is often thought to mean simply increasing gender representation. However, the principles of gender and inclusion are much more all-encompassing than who is sitting around the decision-making table; it includes, amongst other things, the fair and equitable design, impact and implementation of research methods and policies, and the recognition of the role power and hierarchy play in whose needs are accounted for and addressed. In recent years, the world of international security has come far to become more representative of the communities it seeks to protect but significant challenges remain. What are these challenges, who are the pioneers of progress and how can this progress be built upon and sustained?

Join Chatham House’s International Security Programme for a special International Women’s Day discussion looking at gender and inclusion in international security. This discussion will draw on the experiences and research from experts on nuclear policy, arms control, cyber policy and more. Our speakers will consider the following questions:

  • What have the barriers to gender and inclusion in international security been? Do these experiences vary across generations?
  • How have these barriers been overcome and what more needs to be done to improve diversity in the field?
  • How do researchers and policymakers become allies and advocates for embedding gender, diversity and inclusion in research and policy on international security?
  • What does the future look like for gender and inclusion in international security?

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