How to strengthen European security?

Join us for this critical discussion on the future of European security.

Research event Invitation only
16 July 2024 — 1:00PM TO 2:15PM
Chatham House

Europe currently faces an extremely challenging security environment. To the east, Ukraine is struggling to halt Russia’s advance, delayed military and financial support from Europe and America limiting capabilities. To the south, Israel’s war on Gaza has led to an outflow of refugees seeking protection, and a series of coups d’états and extremist groups continue to cause instability in the Sahel. To the north, Russia and China are exploring access to the Arctic for both military and commercial purposes.

Amidst this security environment, EU member states and NATO allies struggle to share similar perceptions of security threats and risks. The many summits (G7 and EU council in June, NATO and EPC Summits in July) held in this period are useful opportunities to discuss this. Regardless of the outcome of the US Presidential elections, and while recognising Europe cannot replace the US as a security guarantor, it has become clear Europe needs to be able to look after its own security interests. Finding pathways do so better has perhaps never been more urgent.

During this event, we will discuss:

  • How can European allies galvanise action on European security, despite differing threat perceptions and assessments?
  • What could a European pillar within NATO look like? How can allies who are also members of the EU make better use of CSDP instruments?
  • Does Europe need a European nuclear umbrella? What are the risks?
  • What role could the EPC play in supporting European security endeavours?

This event is organised in partnership between Chatham House Europe Programme and the EPC Observatory.

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