International Affairs Webinar Series: French Interventionism in the Sahel

This webinar looks at French interventionism in the Sahel.

Research event
2 November 2020 — 3:00PM TO 4:00PM

The International Affairs Webinar Series provides readers and Chatham House members the opportunity to discuss pertinent topics with experts in the field.

The series’ panellists are recent International Affairs authors who will discuss their research and answer questions you have about its impact on your business, policy measures or area of interest.

While France makes its security-driven agenda pretty clear, it appears blind to the Sahelian publics’ differing aspirations or different perception of security priorities and sovereignty.

This places domestic leaders in a tug of war between two audiences, as complying with the French agenda may well widen the gap between Sahelian leaders and their domestic constituencies.


Yvan Guichaoua, Lecturer in International Conflict Analysis, Brussels School of International Studies, University of Kent

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