Myths and misconceptions around Russian military intent

Experts discuss a recent research paper which challenges a number of ideas about Russian military power and doctrine.

Research event, Webinar Recording
30 September 2022 — 2:00PM TO 3:30PM

Myths and misconceptions around Russian military intent

Russia’s assault on Ukraine has severely tested many long-standing assumptions about the nature and effectiveness of Russian military power. But in addition to the confounding of assumptions about Russia’s tactical and operational capabilities and strategic competence, other deep-rooted misconceptions persist regarding Russia’s attitude to warfare overall.

Chatham House’s Russia and Eurasia programme has commissioned a pool of subject matter experts on Russian military affairs to address some of these longer-term conceptual challenges in understanding Russian hard power, which are not directly linked to current operations in Ukraine.

This research paper challenges a number of ideas about Russian military power and doctrine which have become entrenched among non-specialists but are based on false premises or a misreading of Russia’s own aims, objectives and methods. And some of these misconceptions may have major implications for any future confrontation between Russia and one or more adversaries, potentially including NATO members.

In this webinar, the research paper editor Keir Giles is joined by authors and a discussant to consider the paper’s findings and their direct impact on planning for defence against Russia.

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