New Horizons for Sustainable Built Environments in Asia

This event brings together a range of key actors and industry stakeholders to explore how future built environments in Asia can deliver for society and the environment.

Research event Invitation only
18 November 2020 — 9:30AM TO 12:30PM

Decarbonizing built environment value chains across Asia will be key to achieving Paris Agreement commitments in the coming decades. How we design, deliver, govern and use future built environments for societal benefit will be a key factor for decarbonization within current heavy-emitting value chains.

Furthermore, disruptive shifts and advancements in new technologies, circular economy principles, growing demands for sustainable materials, urbanization, and managing finance portfolio risk all stand to alter current built environment value chains.  

In the workshop, collaborative tools will be used to explore the diverging set of possibilities for built environment sustainability over a 15-20 year time frame.

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