Nigeria’s federal system, consisting of 36 federal member states and the Federal Capital territory of Abuja, reflects at the national level a diverse underlying range of cultural, religious and political intersections.

This complex landscape demands a correspondingly dynamic set of mechanisms for the provision of information for both Nigeria’s citizens and globally: whether delivering vital details on public services to the population or helping to foster a sense of national unity.

As the February 2019 elections approach, the delivery of credible information services looks certain to have significant implications for not only the participation and engagement of citizens but for the consolidation of the democratic process in Nigeria more broadly.

Hon. Alhaji Lai Mohammed reflects on the importance of providing detailed and consistent information across Nigeria’s diverse population and discusses his ministry’s priorities and challenges for the facilitation of national unity ahead of the 2019 elections and beyond.


Hon. Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture, Federal Republic of Nigeria