The politics of Alexei Navalny: What is the impact on Russia?

This event examines Alexei Navalny’s continued influence on Russia’s domestic and foreign affairs.

Research event, Webinar Recording
20 September 2021 — 12:00PM TO 1:30PM

The politics of Alexei Navalny: What is the impact on Russia?

— Examining Alexei Navalny’s continued influence on Russia’s domestic and foreign affairs.

The detention of Alexei Navalny in January 2021 was a major blow to Russia’s political opposition, and a marked escalation in the personal conflict between Navalny and Vladimir Putin.

Yet, despite his incarceration and the dismantling of his political network, Navalny and his ideas remain a major part of the modern Russian political system.
Accompanying the publication of the book Navalny: Putin’s Nemesis, Russia’s Future?, this event examines Alexei Navalny and his politics the day after the September State Duma elections.

Speakers discuss whether Navalny’s political movement affected the Kremlin’s Duma election strategy, and how he continues to be Russia’s second most important political figure, even from behind bars. They also examine how his imprisonment has affected the Kremlin in its international affairs.


Jan Matti Dollbaum, Postdoctoral Researcher, Bremen University

Morvan Lallouet, PhD Candidate, University of Kent

Ben Noble, Associate Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Programme, Chatham House; Lecturer in Russian Politics, UCL SSEES

Tomila Lankina, Professor of International Relations, London School of Economics

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