The power of youth climate justice movements

London Climate Action Week 2023 event: What is the role of youth climate justice movements globally and how can they be better supported?

Research event, Panel
26 June 2023 — 4:00PM TO 5:15PM
Chatham House and Online

Youth climate campaigners have come to the fore of decision-making in recent years as powerful actors – they have secured more ambitious commitments from decision-makers, and galvanized the environmental movement. Yet their actions receive a disproportionately smaller amount of climate funding. 

In collaboration with the Youth Climate Justice Fund, this panel brings together voices from youth climate justice leaders to discuss:

  • What is the role and power for youth climate justice organizing globally? 

  • How can we better resource and support youth climate justice organizing? 

  • How can innovative solutions from young people enable stronger outcomes?

This event is being hosted as a part of London Climate Action Week 2023. You can see all events hosted by Chatham House, and other organizations, at the London Climate Action Week website.

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