Situational assessment of Russia’s military deployments against Ukraine

Chatham House and Preligens are partnering up to decipher Moscow’s military movements at Russia’s borders with Ukraine and Belarus and assess the risk of further military action by the Kremlin. 

Research event, Webinar
17 February 2022 — 2:00PM TO 3:00PM

For the past few months, Russia has been increasing its military deployments at its borders with Ukraine and Belarus, raising concerns that the Kremlin is preparing for further military operations against Ukraine. The situation on the ground is evolving rapidly and the threat of renewed hostilities is ever-present. This briefing will provide and up-to-date picture of Russian troop movements and hardware transfers at the borders with Ukraine and Belarus. 

The briefing will explore how satellite imagery and technical open-source intelligence can help assess the situation on the ground as well as understand the nature of Russian deployments at key military sites in the Western Military District. It will also focus on Moscow’s intentions and scenarios towards Ukraine in light of recent strategic discussions between Russia and the United States. 

This event is organized in partnership with Preligens and will be held with simultaneous translation into Ukrainian.

Chatham House is committed to balanced gender representation on panels. Unfortunately, this event did not conform to our internal no-manels policy, but we are dedicated to preventing this from happening in future events.

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