Sources of Moldova’s resilience to Russian interference

How is Moldova countering Russian influence?

Research event
5 December 2023 — 10:00AM TO 1:00PM
Chatham House and Online

Despite Russia’s efforts to sow social divides and increase economical pressure, Moldovan society grows increasingly immune to Russian interference. Recent local elections exposed the ways Russia tried to influence the result and undermine Maia Sandu’s Government. It also showed resolute state response and limitations of the Kremlin’s coercive strategy.

In this workshop, we will discuss remaining vulnerabilities and emerging sources of Moldova’s resilience. The event will feature findings from the new expert survey conducted in November jointly with the Watchdog.MD.

This discussion will cover key questions:

  • How vulnerable is Moldova to Russian malign interference?
  • What policy response is more/less effective?
  • How can western partners assist in strengthening its resilience?



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