A tipping point for climate diplomacy

Simon Sharpe outlines a proposal to reorganize efforts against climate change in order to act fast enough to stay safe.

Research event, Panel
29 March 2023 — 5:30PM TO 6:30PM
Chatham House and Online

The world needs to act faster to avoid dangerous climate change. As ice caps melts, wildfires cause devastation and greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, fossil fuels, consumerism and ‘weak’ political leadership bear the brunt of civil society blame.

But what if the real blocks to progress are the same ideas and institutions that are supposed to be helping?
Simon Sharpe has spent ten years at the forefront of climate change policy in the UK government. Alongside a panel of esteemed experts, he provides his inside story and a proposal to reorganize efforts in order to act fast enough to stay safe.

  • Why is climate diplomacy struggling to decarbonize at the necessary speed to meet internationally-agreed climate change goals?

  • Are trade disputes around clean technologies necessarily a bad thing? Could they help bring forward a new era of more effective climate change diplomacy?

  • Can the Breakthrough Agenda, a new approach launched at COP26 focused on international cooperation on crossing positive tipping points in the global economy, speed up progress?

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