Zimbabwe: Body Blow

The decision not to invite President Robert Mugabe to the Commonwealth summit in Nigeria is a final body blow to a regime now nearing the end of its life. The lessons learned from the Zimbabwe crisis are that good governance and democracy are not accessories to progress and stability, they are its very foundations. Few would deny that Mugabe has run out of options.

The World Today Published 1 December 2003 Updated 21 October 2020 4 minute READ

Eddie Cross

Secretary for Economic Affairs, Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change

Fuelled by growing evidence of misgovernance and increasing fiscal delinquency, the Zimbabwe government has found itself the gradual victim of growing international isolation. Because of the failure to service debt obligations the country was suspended from both the World Bank and its affiliates and the International Monetary Fund.

Donor agencies started by withdrawing aid destined for land resettlement and then virtually all non-humanitarian aid.

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