Sudan and the International Criminal Court: Abusers Face Justice

The International Criminal Court has just been handed its biggest task, acting on the violation of human rights in the Darfur area of Sudan. The UN Security Council referred the case, despite American misgivings, giving the Court an opportunity to prove its value in an ongoing conflict where the evidence of abuse seems all too graphic.

The World Today Published 1 July 2005 Updated 15 October 2020 5 minute READ

Sandra Khadhouri

Public affairs, legal and development consultant working in post-conflict countries

After just three years the international criminal court is achieving wide acceptance, as it awaits its one hundredth member. Chief Prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, knows the challenges, having dealt with the cases of generals responsible for Argentina’s dirty war. Now he has to apply international justice in conflict areas where peace is the top priority. The two may not always be compatible; politicians will be watching his every step.

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