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The World Today Published 25 September 2015 Updated 29 September 2023 2 minute READ

Fokke Obbema

Reporter, de Volkskrant and author of ‘China and the West: Hope and Fear in the Age of Asia'

On China
Henry Kissinger (Penguin £12.99)
The founder of realpolitik towards China back in the Seventies is still worth reading, as his arguments against Republicans who want to start a Cold War against China remain valid. Kissinger explains convincingly why it would be a grave mistake if a future Republican president tried to contain China. China is far more important than the Soviet Union ever was.

China Goes Global: The Partial Power
David Shambaugh (OUP £20.00)
With his prediction that the Chinese Communist party is likely to crack up, David Shambaugh, one of America’s most prominent Sinologists, caused shockwaves in Beijing and among China-watchers: wasn’t the CCP here to stay? By excluding political reforms President Xi Jinping will find out they become even more inevitable, Shambaugh argues. His analysis is encapsulated in the subtitle.

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