Britain could join India in a maritime coalition

C Raja Mohan looks at a rejuvenated Commonwealth

The World Today Updated 26 November 2020 Published 2 August 2016 2 minute READ

C. Raja Mohan

Director of the Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore

Reconnecting Britain to its old economic partners in the Commonwealth is one of the ideas that animated the Brexit movement. A strong partnership with India may not be a substitute for Britain’s continued engagement with Europe, but it must form an important element of London’s new international strategy.

If the UK can overcome the threat of Scottish secession and survive as a state, it will remain an important player in world affairs. As one of the world’s largest economies with an expeditionary military tradition and deep resources of soft power, Britain can be a productive and long-term partner for a rising India.

In Delhi, Narendra Modi, the prime minister, appears to have a special empathy for the Anglo-Saxon world. Unlike many of his predecessors from the Congress Party, who were suspicious of the United States and sneered at Britain, Modi has embraced America and is eager to revive ties with Britain and other parts of the English-speaking world.

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