The river still flows

Laura Hammond argues that even with enlightened policies, migrants will still be drawn to Europe

The World Today Published 2 August 2016 Updated 26 November 2020 4 minute READ

Laura Hammond

Reader in Development Studies, SOAS, University of London

NEWSFLASH, July 30, 2030: EU leaders and their counterparts in Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom issued a joint appeal for funding to rebuild Syria and to assist people to return to that country. The plan comes 15 years after the first mass arrivals of refugees from Syria and other countries in crisis to European countries. Buoyed by the rise of right and centre-right politicians throughout the European continent, the desire to promote repatriation is strong among host countries. However it is also strong among many Syrians who have been living in exile for years and are eager to go home now that a government has been formed that enjoys support from those who fled the Assad regime and ISIS attacks.

Does this scenario sound unlikely? What will the experience of European countries be in 2030 in terms of migration?

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