Mikhail Khodorkovsky on how the Putin system works

The campaigner for democratic change in Russia tells Alan Philps what Britain needs to do to exert pressure on the Kremlin’s inner circle after the poisonings in Salisbury

The World Today Published 28 March 2018 Updated 18 November 2020 4 minute READ

Alan Philps

Former Editor, The World Today, Communications and Publishing

What does Putin intend to do with his next six-year term?

All of Russia is pondering this question. The Presidential Administration has tried to think up some vision for the next term but without success. Judging by Putin’s address to the Federal Assembly on March 1, we see a combination of two incompatible things. The first part is made up of fantastical plans for the development of the economy. The second is his plan – also fantastical – to develop the military. We should not expect any radical harshening in internal politics. Rather, a slow pace of economic growth and some form of confrontation with the United States and NATO to explain to society at home why things are not so brilliant.

Can he ever retire?

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