Trump is facing a midterm backlash

Kathleen Hunter sees a golden opportunity for Democrats but warns of possible pitfalls

The World Today
Published 27 September 2018 Updated 9 November 2020 4 minute READ

Kathleen Hunter

US government editor, Bloomberg News

Democrats have spent the past two years trying to claw their way back from the political wilderness … and it is looking as though they could be on the cusp of success.

But then what? Should the party wrest control of the US House of Representatives from the Republicans in the November 6 midterm elections, it would sound the death knell for much of Donald Trump’s agenda and spell the certain start to an era of heightened congressional scrutiny of the president and his administration.

The possibility of impeachment would be on every pundit’s lips. In short, the stakes for Trump and his legacy are hard to overstate. And the minority party’s momentum has been steadily building.

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