Toxic internet has left us disillusioned

Fake news, targeted ads and poisonous tweets are distorting opinion around the world. Elena Cresci, a millennial, expresses her loss of faith in social media and asks where it is leading

The World Today
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Elena Cresci

Freelance journalist

I am a millennial, which means a few things are certain: firstly, someone will have rolled their eyes and muttered something about snowflakes after reading that first line; and, secondly, my coming-of-age coincided with the widespread development of the internet. Unlike the younger end of Generation Z, I remember both a time without it and a time when it felt like it opened up all kinds of doors and opportunities.

Social media boomed as my generation hit young adulthood, with websites where you could be anything you wanted to be and affect real-life change at the tap of a button. You could start any campaign you wanted and anyone could join. True democracy was at our fingertips, or so the story went.

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