Problems in the pipeline for Putin

Pandemic will hit Russia harder, warn Philip Hanson and Michael Bradshaw.

The World Today
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Professor Philip Hanson OBE

Emeritus Professor of the Political Economy of Russia and Eastern Europe, University of Birmingham

Russia, like other countries, faces a changed economic universe in the new world being shaped by the coronavirus. How will its own fortunes be changed and how might its trajectory be different from others?

The April 11 edition of The Economist suggests three ways in which the pandemic, and the response to it, are likely to alter the world’s business environment in the long term:

  • The adoption of new technologies will be quicker;
  • Supply chains will be modified to allow more flexibility and to be less dependent on foreign sources of supply;
  • Corporate concentration and business- state cronyism may well increase.

These changes are envisaged, it would appear, with the developed West in mind. Does Russia face similar changes?

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