Undercurrents: EU-US Relations after the Midterms, and Tackling the Illegal Wildlife Trade in Africa

Agnes and Ben discuss the state of US relations with Europe with Anthony Gardner (former US Ambassador to the EU), and new strategies to tackle the illegal wildlife trade with Christopher Vandome from the Chatham House Africa Programme.

Audio Published 9 November 2018 Updated 5 October 2020 50 minute listen

The day after the US Midterm elections, Agnes and Ben meet Anthony Gardner (former US Ambassador to the EU) to discuss the state of US relations with Europe, the importance of the special relationship and the likelihood of a post-Brexit US-UK trade deal. Will the Midterm results influence the Trump administration’s stance on Europe? And likewise will European observers take any comfort from events across the pond?

The illegal wildlife trade is a serious organized crime found in most of the countries in southern Africa. In a new report Chris Vandome and Alex Vines from the Africa Programme at Chatham House explore new strategies being trialled to combat this trade in the communities it affects. Ben and Agnes speak with Chris to find out more.

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