Undercurrents Summer Special: Andrés Rozental on Mexican Politics

In the first of two summer specials, Ben interviews the former Deputy Foreign Minister of Mexico about the state of Mexican politics under President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Audio Updated 5 March 2021 Published 1 August 2019 34 minute listen

In July 2018, Andrés Manuel López Obrador - commonly referred to as AMLO - was elected president with 53 per cent of the vote on a platform pledging to rid Mexico of corruption, stifle the country’s drug war and offer support for its most vulnerable. Entering office in December, his approval rating was 83 per cent. However, eight months on and AMLO’s approval ratings are at risk with much of the international discourse focusing on how the country is responding to threats of sanctions and tariffs from its northern neighbour as well as how AMLO’s campaign promises have or have not been kept. This week Ben speaks to Ambassador Andrés Rozental, former Deputy Foreign Minister of Mexico and special advisor at Chatham House, about how far AMLO has delivered on his campaign promises, and how Mexico’s relations with its western hemisphere neighbours are developing.