Undercurrents: Thai Protests, and Bhutan's Pursuit of Happiness

What is driving the ongoing mass movement in Thailand? And how is Bhutan influencing the global development agenda?

Audio Published 20 November 2020 Updated 8 July 2021 61 minute listen

Since highly contentious elections in 2019, citizens across Thailand have engaged in largescale protests to call for constitutional reform. Ben speaks to Dr Thitinan Pongsudhirak about what the mass movement has demanded, and how the Thai government is responding so far.

Then Ben is joined by Dr Sarina Theys to discuss how Bhutan started a global debate on gross national happiness. They discuss how Bhutan has influenced the sustainable development agenda at the United Nations and beyond, and consider what this means for small states more broadly. 

Read the International Affairs article:

The influence of small states: how Bhutan succeeds in influencing global sustainability governance