Who Rules Cyberspace? The Role for Governments

Can countries agree on how cyberspace should be governed?

Audio Published 10 November 2020 34 minute listen

In Episode 2 of Who Rules Cyberspace? Ben and Joyce find out how states are approaching the debate on cyber governance at the United Nations. Through the GGE and OEWG processes, the UN has attempted to be the forum where countries could come together to find solutions to these issues. However, as was explained in Episode 1, there remain many obstacles to international cooperation on cyber governance.

In this episode Joyce speaks to Moliehi Makumane about South Africa’s approach to the UN negotiations and how so-called developing countries can wield influence in this arena. Then Ben speaks to Carmen Gonsalves about how states can encourage respect for existing norms around cyber governance, and how the potential of the UN processes can be realised.