Strategic perspectives on the Indo-Pacific: Tokyo

The final episode in this series outlines the Japanese stance on geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific region.

Audio Updated 30 March 2021 Published 26 March 2021 23 minute listen

The Strategic Perspectives on the Indo-Pacific podcast follows a Chatham House research team as it travels to the United Kingdom, United States, France, India, the Kingdom of Tonga and Japan to talk to strategic and policy experts about how they see the region evolving over the next few years. 

Recorded between September 2019 and March 2020, the series captures trends as they were before COVID-19 and the global lockdown. The research paper, Indo-Pacific strategies, perceptions and partnerships: The view from seven countries, continues the story as it developed over the following year.   

In this episode, recorded in February 2020, the team is in Toyko at the home of our Japanese partner, the Indo-Pacific Studies Group. Research lead Cleo Paskal speaks with Yasuo Naito, Yosuke Naito and Vice Admiral Yoji Koda.