Independent Thinking: China's challenge to India

Episode 30 of our weekly podcast examines the growing tension between India and China, and the issues India must overcome to achieve its global power ambitions.

Audio Published 15 June 2023 Updated 16 October 2023 35 minute listen

This week marks three years since Indian and Chinese troops were killed fighting each other in the Himalayas along the contested border. Since then, ties between Beijing and New Delhi have gone from bad to worse.

India’s last remaining journalist in China was recently asked to leave as a stark sign of the increasingly cold ties between the two countries. The panel examines the current state of India’s relations with China and how concerned the world should be.

Also under discussion is India’s foreign policy ambition and the challenges it faces in attempting to become a global power with a turbulent neighbourhood in South Asia. India’s relations with its key neighbours are examined along with regional security challenges such as the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban and New Delhi’s growing ties with its fellow Quad nations Japan, Australia, and the US. Will the 21st century be an ‘Indian Century’ after all?

Joining Bronwen Maddox are Dr Avinash Paliwal from University London SOAS, Dr Raji Pillai, director of the Centre for Security, Strategy and Technology at the Observer Research Foundation (ORF), and journalist Amish Raj Mulmi, author of the book All Roads Lead North.

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