Strengthening public interest in Ukraine’s media sector

While political influence overshadows the media in Ukraine, Anna Korbut looks at attempts to challenge the status quo to improve professional standards, media literacy and public trust.
Research paper Published 23 April 2021 Updated 17 May 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78413 435 8
Ukrainian journalists wait to ask questions at a press conference.

Anna Korbut

Former Academy Associate, Russia and Eurasia Programme

The media environment in Ukraine is complex, diverse and competitive. While major oligarch-controlled outlets focus on political influence and commercial gain, a group of smaller media stakeholders are trying to maintain quality and journalism standards in the public interest. 

This paper documents the main media sector developments in Ukraine since 2014 and examines the current landscape and key stakeholders. It looks at new projects and experiments in the field that could eventually benefit the domestic media environment. This includes efforts to improve the country’s culture of media production and consumption, and proposed changes to legislation governing the sector. 

International assistance and regulatory oversight are essential for improving transparency and resilience in Ukraine’s media sector, but equally important are an infrastructure of support for quality journalism and media literacy efforts.