Transatlantic Tech Talks: Digital trade

What are the opportunities for progress on international regulation of the digital economy?

Audio Updated 25 November 2022 Published 17 December 2021 38 minute listen

Transatlantic Tech Talks is a three part mini-series on the Undercurrents podcast feed, produced with the support of Microsoft, which explores the state of international cooperation on digital governance between Europe, the UK and USA. As technological innovation accelerates, and new digital tools and business models arise, governments are working to develop a framework of regulations to safeguard the rights and interests of their citizens. Not all stakeholders agree, however, on the best way to achieve this. While some advocate a ‘digital cooperation’ approach based on transparency and data-sharing, others are more concerned with maintaining ‘digital sovereignty’.

In this final episode, Ben is joined by three experts to discuss the prospects for transatlantic cooperation in the digital trade sector. His guests include Susan Aaronson, Euan MacMillan and Marianne Schneider-Petsinger. They discuss how international negotiations on digital trade have progressed, the pressure points that need to be resolved (including data flows and consumer privacy) and where the European Union, UK and USA can work together.