Major new Chatham House initiative to critically examine UK foreign policy

The UK in the World initiative will study the UK’s core security and foreign policy challenges.

News release Published 24 May 2022 Updated 25 November 2022 1 minute READ

Press Office

Chatham House has launched a major new research workstream to study Britain’s global role at a time of international turmoil.

The UK in the World initiative will critically examine the UK’s core security and foreign policy challenges, including its alliances, its place in international institutions like the UN and NATO, the durability of British ‘soft power’, its international trade and science strategies, and other major UK policy strands relevant to international affairs.

The initiative will consult policymakers, thought leaders, civil society and others from around the world to assess the UK’s position post-Brexit, the impact of the ‘Global Britain’ concept, and provide policy recommendations that could deliver real impact for the UK.

This programme will also include specific workstreams on (1) UK trade policy, and (2) UK science and technology. These are areas prioritised by the UK government in its Integrated Review of foreign policy.

These workstreams will bring together high-level experts to help develop UK policy in these areas, and include roundtables held under the Chatham House rule and occasional publications.

The initiative will also organise dialogues with UK partners, an annual report on foreign policy, and other research publications and events.

For more information, please visit the initiative page, or contact:
John Kampfner, Executive Director
David Lawrence, Research Fellow