Independent Thinking: War in Tigray, Zaporizhzhia under fire

Episode six of our new weekly podcast examines the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia and the international response to further attacks on Europe’s largest nuclear plant in Ukraine.

Audio Published 25 November 2022 32 minute listen

In Tigray, the world’s largest armed conflict rages between Ethiopian federal government troops and the Tigray Defence Forces. With estimates placing those killed in the fighting at 600,000, how did Ethiopia, one of Africa’s great success stories, descend into civil war, and what hopes are there for recent peace initiatives?

Meanwhile in Ukraine, all eyes are on Zaporizhzhia, as Europe’s largest nuclear plant continues to be occupied by Russian forces. With fresh reports of explosions near the reactors, how is the international community responding?

Finally, what role does Turkey, a middle power country with great power ambitions, play in both conflicts?

Joining guest host John Kampfner on the podcast this week are Dr Patricia Lewis, director of the International Security programme at Chatham House, Ahmed Soliman, senior research fellow with our Africa programme, and Galip Dalay, associate fellow with our Middle East and North Africa programme.

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