Recalibrating assumptions on AI

Towards an evidence-based and inclusive AI policy discourse
Research paper Published 12 April 2023 ISBN: 978 1 78413 562 1 DOI: 10.55317/9781784135621
AI art exhibition

Arthur Holland Michel

Carnegie Council Senior Fellow

Many assumptions about artificial intelligence (AI) have become entrenched despite the lack of evidence to support them. Basing policies on these assumptions is likely to increase the risk of negative impacts for certain demographic groups. These dominant assumptions include claims that AI is ‘intelligent’ and ‘ethical’, that more data means better AI, and that AI development is a ‘race’.

The risks of this approach to AI policymaking are often ignored, while the potential positive impacts of AI tend to be overblown. By illustrating how a more evidence-based, inclusive discourse can improve policy outcomes, this paper makes the case for recalibrating the conversation around AI policymaking.