Turkey elections: High stakes for democracy

Galip Dalay explores the main issues in the upcoming Turkish elections as well as the significance of the Kurds in determining the outcome.

Explainer Video Published 9 May 2023 4 minute watch

Turkey Election 2023

— Explainer Video: Unraveling the Impact of Turkey's Pivotal 2023 Elections

Galip delves into how the upcoming election will influence Turkey’s domestic politics, the potential restoration of democratic processes, rule of law, and a possible shift from a presidential to a parliamentary system.

He also explores the likelihood of a coalition government which could foster a culture of compromise in Turkey’s political landscape.

The elections are also important in the global contest between democracy and authoritarianism, especially given Turkey’s position in the power competition involving Russia, China, and the West. The results could also signal potential changes in the country’s foreign policy.

Galip also discusses evolving Turkish-Western and Turkish-Russian relationships, and ongoing challenges surrounding the 2016 Turkey-Europe migration deal.