Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy awarded 2023 Chatham House Prize

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy receives the prize in recognition of his extraordinary contribution to international relations.

News release Published 29 June 2023 1 minute READ

Press Office

President Zelenskyy was chosen by members of Chatham House for his leadership in the face of the reinvasion of his nation by Russia and comes at a crucial juncture in the war.

The prize was awarded during the final session of the annual Chatham House London Conference on 29 June, after a short live virtual address by the president. Ukraine’s ambassador to the UK, Vadym Prystaiko, collected the award on his behalf.

President Zelenskyy’s transformation from first-time politician to wartime leader has been extraordinary. The former actor has unified his nation in defiance of a formidable foe.

He has also created a new form of modern diplomacy and leadership through his use of social media and direct communication with world leaders, marshalling a wide-ranging coalition in support of Ukraine at the UN and beyond.

Bronwen Maddox, Director of Chatham House said:

‘The people of Ukraine have faced a relentless onslaught in this brutal invasion. President Zelenskyy has united his nation in resistance and counter-offensive, and demonstrated a mastery of international diplomacy.

‘I am delighted that he has accepted our award in recognition of these efforts.’