Independent Thinking: NATO membership for Ukraine (just not right now)

Episode 34 of our weekly podcast discusses the fallout from the NATO summit in Vilnius.

Audio Published 14 July 2023 Updated 16 October 2023 30 minute listen

On the podcast this week we discuss the fallout from the NATO summit in Vilnius. Turkey cleared the way for Sweden to join, and across Vilnius there were signs calling for F-16s for Ukraine, and of course, NATO membership.

We discuss what was agreed at the summit, what was deferred and what the NATO joint communique means for President Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people.

Also, on the show this week we discuss the EU and its relations with countries eager to join, such as Ukraine and Turkey, and one that’s just left namely the UK.

Faced with the prospect of EU enlargement for the first time in over a decade, will Brussels and EU capitals be able to handle all the newcomers?

Joining Bronwen Maddox to help address all these questions are Roland Oliphant, the Telegraph’s senior foreign correspondent, Mariia Zolkina, the DINAM Fellow at the London School of Economics and Galip Dalay, an Associate Fellow with our Middle East and North Africa Programme.

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