Iraq Initiative

The Iraq Initiative is a fieldwork-based policy project that rethinks the nature of state-building and governance in Iraq.

The project tackles the root causes of state failure to challenge assumptions held in Western capitals about stabilization and peacebuilding and reach a more nuanced approach to navigating Iraq’s complex and interlinked political, security, and economic environment.

The initiative is based on original analysis and close engagement with a network of researchers and institutions inside Iraq. At the local level, it maps key political, business, military, tribal, clerical, and civil society figures across Iraq. At the national level, it explores the struggle over the state.

The project uses these field-based insights to inform international policy towards Iraq. Chatham House convenes Iraq Initiative activities in various cities in the Middle East, the UK, the US and Europe.

The Iraq Initiative is supported by Crescent Petroleum, the Nahrein Network at University College London and the Al Swaidi Family and the project director is Renad Mansour.

Watch highlights from the Iraq Initiative conference 2021 as speakers analyse recent developments in Iraq’s politics, economy, environment and society, and share insights into what the future might look like.