Russia’s war on Ukraine

Assessing and responding to ongoing developments in Russia’s war against Ukraine, with a focus on its geopolitical and strategic consequences.

Support to Ukraine from the transatlantic community and beyond has been unprecedented, with billions of dollars going into lethal and non-lethal military aid and designing a framework for reconstruction efforts.

At the same time, that support – material and even rhetorical – is insufficient and a redoubling of effort is required to ensure an optimal outcome for Ukraine, for European security and for the global rules-based order.
This workstream tracks the developments and the consequences of the war and assesses the efficacy of policies implemented in response. The programme offers recommendations for ending the war – justly and durably – and for building lasting security arrangements in Europe.  

  • How is the war unfolding?  
  • What are the consequences for Europe and beyond?
  • What is the role of Belarus and Turkey?
  • How to end the war and avoid the mistakes of the past.
  • Curtailing Russia’s capacity to wage war.
  • Simulations for strategic communications during the war.