Fostering inclusive health systems

What should health systems prioritize to become more equitable?

Members event, Panel
21 November 2023 — 6:00PM TO 7:15PM
Chatham House and Online

The last few years has brought home the importance of healthcare planning and infrastructure. And while pandemic preparation should always be considered a government priority, so too should increasing health inclusivity as poor health – even of sections of a population – negatively impacts the social and economic wellbeing of society overall.

Achieving health inclusivity goes beyond increased spending on health infrastructure, it can also involve empowering people and communities to take charge of their own health through education, health literacy initiatives, diet and community participation. Strong data is also crucial to measuring health inclusivity and supporting impactful decision-making. 

This event, supported by Haleon, will explore the findings from the second Economist Impact Health Inclusivity Index. It will unpack why an inclusive approach to healthcare needs to be at the forefront of government thinking, where the vulnerabilities may lie in current thinking and what rewards can be gained from a more equitable global health system.

  • What is health inclusivity and how does it relate to universal health coverage?

  • How can localized health inclusivity data help policymakers to alleviate gaps in healthcare provision?

  • What are the key areas that policymakers, NGOs and private companies should be looking to tackle in the short term?

  • Where should policymakers be looking to invest resources when it comes to healthcare and why is it still so important to spend on health in an era of financial turbulence?

A networking reception will follow this event.

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